In the complex world of international business, every cent saved counts. That’s why multinationals are always on the lookout for tax-efficient jurisdictions. One of the countries attracting companies with its favorable tax environment is Ireland. This blog post explores how multinational companies can save tax using Ireland’s tax system.

Irish Corporate Tax System

Attracting with a low corporate tax rate of 12.5% for trading income, Ireland has become a hot spot for large corporations. Compared to higher corporate tax rates in many other countries, Ireland’s low tax rate presents an appealing proposition for tax efficiency.

Establish your Corporation in Ireland

First and foremost, multinational corporations should consider setting up their companies in Ireland or transferring their headquarters there. This is often seen in what is typically referred to as ’tax inversion'.

Exploit Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is a tax strategy involving the pricing of goods and services sold between legal entities within an enterprise. By setting the transactions’ price within the corporation, businesses can effectively shift profits to Ireland from higher tax jurisdictions.

Use of Double Tax Treaties

Ireland has signed comprehensive Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) with 74 countries. Corporations can utilize these agreements to eliminate double taxation, lowering the overall tax they need to pay, as the same income won’t be taxed twice.

Employ a Holding Company Structure

This involves creating a holding company in Ireland to administer and control subsidiaries in other countries. The benefit here arises from Ireland’s participation exemption regime, which allows profits gained from foreign subsidiaries to be remitted to Ireland tax-free.

Research and Development Tax Credit

Ireland has a generous R&D tax credit regime, offering a 25% tax credit for R&D expenditures, encouraging companies to innovate and perform R&D activities.


While these strategies can help reduce corporation tax, it’s essential to remember that tax laws are complex and continually evolving. Furthermore, tax strategies face increasing scrutiny from global regulatory authorities. Therefore it’s recommended to seek professional tax advice before implementing these strategies.

Remember, the goal should be tax optimization – paying the correct amount of tax owed but not more than necessary. This way, corporations can save tax in a strategic and responsible manner.

Being tax savvy is not just about reducing your business’s tax bill; it’s also about ensuring your actions stand up to scrutiny, fit within your overall business strategy, and align with good corporate governance practices.

Enjoy Ireland’s friendly business environment, but ensure you do so responsibly, upholding the integrity of your company, championing transparency and fairness in business practices.