Resigning from a job is an important, often challenging, moment in anyone’s career. But it can be done stylishly - and by that, we mean professionally and respectfully. Leaving a positive impression when exiting is good for your personal brand and future references. Here’s a guide on how to resign “in style”:

  1. Take the time to plan: If possible, start laying the groundwork for your departure well in advance. This might include tying up loose ends and taking on tasks that make the transition easier for those left behind.

  2. Meet with your boss first: Resignation should be presented to your immediate superior before informing your colleagues. Have a one-on-one meeting, and bring a formal resignation letter. This approach shows respect for your boss’s position and allows both of you to discuss your departure openly.

  3. Deliver a formal resignation letter: This letter should be concise, positive, and professional. Express thanks for the opportunities you were given and the experience you’ve gained. There’s no need to detail the reasons for your departure - keep it simple.

  4. Communicate with your teammates: After meeting with your boss, let your colleagues know about your decision. It’s important to communicate this directly and personally, to prevent office gossip, and to show respect for your ties and collaborations.

  5. Offer to train your replacement: If time allows, offer to help train or onboard your replacement. This will ease the transition, reflect positively on you, and underscore your professionalism.

  6. Depart gracefully: On your last day, leave your workspace tidy, return borrowed items, and make a point to say goodbye to your colleagues. Don’t burn bridges - the professional world is smaller than you might think.

  7. Post-resignation contact: Make sure to share your contact information to keep the professional relationships you’ve built. It’s also good practice to send a brief, friendly farewell email to your team on your last day.

Remember, the aim is to leave on a positive note, with professionalism and dignity. You never know when you might cross paths with your former colleagues, bosses, or associates again. So resign in style, and leave a door open behind you.