Writing a non-fiction book that’s likely to become a successful bestseller is a large endeavour – but it can be achieved with diligent effort, strategic planning, and a passion for your subject matter. Here are some steps to guide you:

  1. Choose a topic that interests you: Writing a book is a long process, and it’ll be easier if you’re invested in your topic.

  2. Identify your audience: Make sure that the topic you’ve chosen also interests others. Do market research to discover who your potential readers could be and what they are interested in.

  3. Deliver value: Give readers a reason to buy your book instead of or in addition to others. Learn what other books have been written on your topic and find a way to set yours apart by offering unique insights or advantages.

  4. Create an outline: An effective book needs to be well-structured. Define the major sections or points you want to make and arrange them in a logical order. Use this outline as a roadmap.

  5. Write regularly: This will help you maintain a smooth writing style and reduce the time you spend getting back up to speed on where you left off.

  6. Incorporate authentic, real-life experiences and stories: Anecdotes and personal stories can make your book more engaging and reinforce the points you’re trying to make.

  7. Use a contemporary, engaging style of writing: Non-fiction doesn’t have to be dry – it can be just as engaging as fiction. Also make sure it’s easy to understand.

  8. Edit, edit, and edit: The first draft of your book is just that – a first draft. Review your work, revise any weak points, and proofread it multiple times to make sure there are no errors.

  9. Get feedback: Have others read your manuscript and take their feedback into consideration.

  10. Promote your book: To be a best-seller, people have to know your book is out there. This can be through social media platforms, a blog, interviews, book readings, or book-signing events.

Remember, not all bestsellers are instant. It may take time for your book to gain popularity, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away. Keep writing and keep improving.