To write a bestselling book, follow the steps below:

  1. Find a compelling idea or story: Bestselling books often have compelling, original ideas or stories. Research your genre and make sure you have something unique to offer.

  2. Understand your audience: A successful author understands their audience’s interests, needs, and reading habits.

  3. Develop strong characters and plot for fiction: Characters and plot are key for engaging readers. If you’re writing non-fiction, provide clear, well-researched information.

  4. Write: The first step is the hardest - actually writing the book. Set a regular, daily writing schedule to make progress.

  5. Edit and refine: Even the best first drafts need to be edited. Consider hiring a professional editor for this step.

  6. Secure a publisher or self-publish: Research potential publishers who might be interested in your book, or consider self-publishing.

  7. Market your book: A good marketing strategy is critical for bestsellers. This could involve social media, book signings, and other promotional events.

Remember, writing a bestselling book requires time, patience, and effort. Every successful author faces rejection and obstacles. So, keep writing and improving- your next book could be a bestseller!