To create a fire without a lighter or matches, there are several techniques you can use. All these techniques require patience and practice. Here are a few methods:

1. Friction-Based Fire Making

This method involves rubbing two pieces of wood together to generate enough heat to ignite a fire. The most common types of friction-based fire making are the hand drill and the bow drill.

2. Flint and Steel

This ancient method involves striking a piece of steel against a flint rock, producing sparks capable of igniting a fire.

3. Fire by Compression

Fire can be created by rapidly compressing air. This is usually achieved by rapidly pushing a piston down into a cylinder, which quickly compresses the air. The heat created by this compression is enough to ignite a fire.

Remember, constructing a fire, especially without matches or a lighter, can be dangerous and should only be done in a controlled or survival setting. Always observe fire safety rules.

For all these methods, you’ll need a good understanding of fire-building basics, such as what types of wood to use, how to prepare your fire pit, and how to safely control and extinguish your fire.

Note: It’s important to remember that starting fires outside of controlled environments can have devastating effects on the ecosystem if not properly managed. Always follow local regulations and guidelines.