Singapore National Day Parade is one of the brightest events on the national calendar. Celebrated annually on 9th August, it includes spectacular military displays, breathtaking aerial acrobatics, vibrant cultural performances, and dazzling fireworks. Here are a few tips on how to celebrate the Singapore National Parade:

1. Secure Tickets: The parade is a popular event and tickets run out quickly. Enquire about the sale of tickets in advance and secure yours as soon as possible. If you do not manage to get tickets, fret not! The parade is broadcasted live on national television as well.

2. Get decked out in the national colors: Dress in red and white, the Singapore National colors. It’s a clear show of patriotism and solidarity during National Day.

3. Join the Shows: There are several exciting performances during the parade, from traditional dances to modern music performances. Participate in the crowd activities, sing-along, wave your Singapore flag, and enjoy the atmosphere!

4. Picnic at Marina Barrage: If you do not have tickets for the parade, head over to Marina Barrage to watch the aerial display and fireworks. It offers a fantastic view of the city skyline. You can also watch the parade’s live broadcast here. Bring along your picnic mat, basket, and enjoy a good evening picnic with the parade!

5. Explore the city: On National Day, the city is buzzing with excitement. Explore various sectors of the city that have special events or discounts to celebrate the National Day.

6. Savor local delicacies: To truly celebrate Singapore’s National Day, try out the local delicacies. From Chicken rice, Laksa, to Chili Crab, introduce your palate to the flavors of Singapore.

With these tips in mind, you can celebrate the Singapore National Day Parade with full fervor. Enjoy the festive atmosphere, the vibrant parade, and the unity of the Singaporean people that this day brings.