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How to install Gravio on a Raspberry Pi

From How2s

Gravio (http://www.gravio.com) is an Edge Integration platform that connects sensors to artificial intelligence, the network, software APIs or the cloud. Here you can learn how to install Gravio Server on a Raspberry Pi (RPI):

  • Download the latest Raspbian Lite from https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspbian/
  • Download a software that allows you to burn the image to a SD mini card, for example Etcher App
  • Insert SD Mini card into the RPI
  • Connect RPI to screen and keyboard
  • Connect RPI to mini usb power source
  • Wait for login screen and enter pi as username and raspberry as password
  • Next, we need to connect to the wifi, so you can log in remotely.
  • open file vi /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf and type i (insert) to navigate to the end of the file and add
  • press the esc button and then type :wq (write and quit) and press enter go to back to the terminal ... for more info how to navigate vi, please refer to a vi tutorial.
  • next, you need to enable SSH login so you can log into the RPI via network
  • enter sudo raspi-config
  • select Interfacing options, then navigate to ssh, press Enter and select Enable or disable ssh server.
  • once changed, reboot the RPI
sudo reboot
  • log in again and type ifconfig to find out the IP address
  • log in from another computer using
ssh <ip of rpi> -l pi
  • I tend to update the raspberry first using the following commands
 sudo su
 apt-get install vim
 apt-get install lynx
  • once you have that, you can download Gravio for Linux from www.gravio.com by using the command
 lynx https://download.gravio.com/release/raspberry/gravio_arm.deb

click "save to disk" once it's downloaded

  • now let's ensure your RPI is on the latest versions:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
  • use the command to install Gravio:
sudo apt install ./gravio_arm.deb
  • run
sudo systemctl enable gravioedge.service
sudo systemctl enable gravioaction.service
sudo systemctl enable graviocontrol.service

to ensure it's running whenever you start your rpi.

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