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How to use BitchX

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A Crash Course In BitchX Commands:

Type "bx" to run BitchX.

"/server" changes your current IRC server. For example, to connect to DALnet, you'd type "/server irc.dal.net".

Type "/disconnect" to disconnect from the current server without quitting BitchX.

"/ircname" changes the "Real Name" field on your whois. (This is the command to cure the "I'm too lame to read BitchX.doc" Syndrome.)

"/ircuser" changes your IRC username (the part before the @ sign on your whois). This is what mIRC users might often call an "Ident".

"/irchost" shows your IRC hostname (the part after the @ sign on your whois). It even lets you change it if "virtual hosts" are available.

Use "/quit" to quit BitchX.

"/clear" clears the screen.

"/help" lists all BitchX commands and lets you get more info on each of them.

BitchX Window Commands:

Using the on-screen windows is one of the trickiest parts of using BitchX, and also one of the most crucial. Thus, I've made all the commands for working with windows into a separate section.

Use "/window new" to create a new window. Use "/window kill" to delete the current window.

Use "/window describe" to show information about the current window. (Note that just typing "/window" will do this by default.)

Use "/window goto x" to make window number x the current window.

Use "/window size 10" to make the current window 10 lines long.

Use "/window channel #channelname" to switch the active window to #channelname. This is how you switch between channels you're in.

Use "/window help" to get information on other /window commands.

Oh, and one final tip: Don't IRC while logged in as "root" on your own system. Most IRC servers will immediately disconnect you for this.

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