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How to put an audio book mp3 on your iPhone

From How2s

There is no real way of putting an audio book on your iphone unless you've downloaded it through the official audio book store.

However you may have downloaded an MP3 file from somewhere and you wish to listen to it as an audio book including functionalities such as remembering the progress and/or speeding up the play rate.

There is an easy workaround to achieve this. Firstly, the closest you can get to an audiobook is a podcast. There you have the above mentioned functionalities.


  • Drag and drop the MP3 file to your iTunes that is synched with your iphone
  • Select the MP3 file in your iTunes and right-click and choose "Get Info"
  • In the info screen, go to the tab "Options" and choose "Media Type" > Podcast
  • Also tick the boxes "Remember playback position" and potentially "Skip when shuffling"

That's it, now you can select it in your podcast and you can select to synch it with your device.

Have fun listening to audiobooks on your iPhone!

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