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How2 use special characters in LaTex

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Tex was mainly developed in the US and the usage of special characters as needed, e.g, for the german or french language cannot directly be used. But instead the following commands inside LaTex are available:


 ä   Ä   ü   Ü   ö   Ö   ß   ß
"a  "A  "u  "U  "o  "O  "s  \3


  â     à      á      ç      ã      ï      ø  
\^{a}  \`{a}  \'{a}  \c{c}  \~{a}  \"\i{}  \o

Reserved Characters

For system functions some characters are reserved. To use them in your text enter the following commands:

 $   &   %   #   _   {   }   \
\$  \&  \%  \#  \_  \{  \}  $\backslash$
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