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Career Description of the Building Executive

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A construction manager is among the most vital persons of a construction project. His/her job profile would include everything ranging from the planning phase to execution in every type of construction project including roads or bridge building. They might be given the task of overseeing a complete project or particular components of it. They would schedule and coordinate every part of a project including designing and various construction processes, including the selection and monitoring of the contractors.

Construction manager can be employed or work independently as providers, overseeing supervisors. Construction managers are referred by different names, such as project managers, program managers, project engineers or structure superintendents. The project manager may have a highly varied work structure, because they can either be the owner of a contracting company or a staff, or they may serve as a paid staff or under contract of a property owner or developer.

A construction manager would monitor and co-ordinate a project from its conceptual phase to the final stage. They'd have to ensure that the whole project completes within the budget and scheduled time period. They must work with all of the decision makers involved in the construction process like the owners, architects and the engineers. They would also work on the project designing ranging from planning to scheduling to completion.

A large construction project has different segments such as site preparation, laying foundation, sewage systems and construction of other structures. Such big construction sites, each and every construction manager is responsible for one segment of the project. They are also responsible to select the best-possible way for getting the building material reach the construction site. Also, they would also be in charge of the creation of the most cost efficient way and scheduling for completing the construction.

A construction manager accounts for breaking down the different activities into logical steps and allots the time to every step for the completing the entire project in the given deadline. They'd also monitor the selection of trade and general contractors for the completion of various areas of the project. The type of contractor include every person who is accountable for every part of the project ranging from metalworking to carpet installation.

Even labor requirements are determined at the construction manager level and they may supervise the hiring or dismissing process. And, the managers report the progress of different site activities to the construction manager. One of the most essential parts of a construction manager’s job profile is to guarantee that all the permits and licenses are acquired and that all of the regulations and compliances are completely met.

Written by Albert Kevinsen from bygherrerådgivning

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